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2015 and older News!

February 2015. Updated several pages: the 1887 Third Imperial Egg, the "Clock Eggs", the 1896 Alexander III Monogram Egg, the 1909 Standart Egg and the 1912 Tsarevich Egg. Working on "The 1893 Caucasus Egg - The Miniatures Explained" so come back soon!!

Happy New Year 2015

A very happy new year to you all!


December 9. Rothschild Egg now owned by State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg!

July 3 Exhibitions and 1887 Third Imperial Egg updated.

May 1, 2014 Missing Eggs updated and new Missing Miniatures.

May 1, 2014 Fabergé's Imperial Easter Eggs on the 1900 Paris Exposition Universelle - New information on the Eggs!

April 30, 2014 Alexander III 12 Monogram Egg and Diamond Trellis Egg updated.

April 27, 2014 1888 Missing Cherub with Chariot Egg updated.

April 26, 2014 Alexander III Monogram Egg updated.

April 18, 2014 1889 Nécessaire Egg updated.

March 19, 2014 Exhibitions updated. Missing Egg will be exhibited for only four days to the public!

March 18, 2014. Fabergé Missing 1887 Third Imperial Egg found!!

January 2, 2014. Exhibitions updated.

Happy New Year!

Gelukkig 2014 - Happy New Year!


December 24. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!

November 25. Time to warn again for fake or "Fauxbergé" Eggs! Made a page with some examples and some links where you can see and read about fake "Imperial Eggs".

Time too for an overview of the Missing Eggs. You can find this overview here!

November 15 and 24. Exhibitions updated! 2014 Vienna!

November 13. The Link of Times Cultural Historical Foundation opens museum in Saint Petersburg! Read all in Exhibitions.

September 30, 1890 Danish Palaces Egg and About Me updated.

September 5, 1896 12 Monogram Egg and 1914 Mosaic Egg updated.

March 29: Still working on the site but time for a warning as this week I read again some "news" about people who paid thousands and thousands for fake Fabergé! Beware there is probably more fake than genuine Fabergé offered. Go to a reputable dealer or buy through the well known auction houses! And visit Steve Kirsch's site to see fakes and study them!

March 2: Maintenance! Links will work again later in the week!

February 25: Exhibitions updated. (Hong Kong)

January 16: Exhibitions updated! Fabergé: A Brilliant Vision opening February 1, 2013 in Houston, Texas, US.

January 16: Kelch Rocaille Egg updated with new owners.

So, new year, new updates! Hopefully Miss Meadows has turned to something else and I can post new images without losing them the same instant to a blog without any credit. Yes, I know, I know, do not post etc. so the very best I keep to myself hè, hè ;-)


September 11: Tsarevich Egg updated.

September 10: Mosaic Egg updated with new photos.

July 24: Exhibitions updated. Vekselberg Eggs in Turin, Italy!

May 30: All images online again. I made this website to inform and share my love for Fabergé, so be it people copy and share too! Today to commemorate the 166th birthday of Karl Fabergé, Google has a special Doodle, see below. What fun! Alas, not one Imperial Easter Egg to be seen, but a nice homage to the genius from St. Petersburg!

Google Doodle

May 20: All Egg-images are now offline. I do not mind a little "stealing" of images but whole websites without any credit now on Pinterest is a different thing. To be continued!

April 19: Exhibitions and Whereabouts updated again! Two museum collections "traveling".

April 15: Whereabouts updated. VMFA Eggs not on view in Richmond.

April. 1892 Diamond Trellis Egg updated. New Owner. Exhibitions updated. Several Imperial Eggs on view including the diamond Trellis Egg!


October 31: Hurry hurry to New York! The Sandoz Eggs are on view! Read more here!

July 11: 1887 Missing Imperial Egg identified! Read more on the Egg page!

July - Much happening on the Exhibition front as well as on the Egg front itself! Will update when I have time, but as I am moving to a new house, that could take a while.

April 27: Exhibitions - Updated!

April 21: Happy and peaceful Easter to all! Just to show the tradition of giving Easter eggs worldwide, here is a link to 32 great photos of eggs, non-Fabergé!

April 20: Exhibitions updated. Now more info on which Eggs will be exhibited.

April: A lot of Imperial Easter Eggs are on view in exhibitions worldwide. See "Exhibitions" for an overview.

February 17: Vekselberg's Link of Times Foundation to hold Fabergé exhibition in Vatican. Read more.

January 1, Happy New Year!


December 1: EggCards back online!

Send a free Fabergé Egg Card!
Egg Cards

November 14: Yusupov Egg updated.

November 7: Peacock Egg updated with new images and a story about the recent restoration.

November 6: Nobel Ice Egg updated.

November 5: The Kelch Apple Blossom Egg donated to the Principality of Liechtenstein. See for more info, a little movie and new images the Egg page.

October: The Egg-Card service is hacked again. Had to close it down. Thanks to all of you who sent one of the more than thousand e-cards sent all over the world!

August 24: Romanov Tercentenary Egg updated with photos of the state shield that served as inspiration for this Egg.

August 18: Updated the Cockerel Egg with an early Fabergé photograph and a possible source of inspiration for this Fabergé Easter Egg.

August 10: A Fresh Look at the Pelican Egg. The Miniatures explained and the Egg in historic context.

July 23: Fabergé Eggs on Coins!

July 23: Movies updated with picture of Roger More holding the Octopussy Fabergé Egg.

July 10: And the Oscar goes to... Finally with help from Juan F. Déniz, a page with all movies featuring a "Fabergé Egg.

May 19: A page about the Fabergé Egg in a movie. There are only two movies featuring a Fabergé Egg as far as I could find, but here they are right from the heart.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all Fabergé enthousiast wherever you are!

March 30, the Fabergé Research Newsletter Spring Edition is online! Do not forget to check out the Archives for more interesting news on Fabergé!

February 23: Made some new puzzles and repaired the old ones, just for fun!

February 18: Blogpost The Walters Art Museum: “Two Eggs…Modern” - “one egg in white enamel with a ring of little enameled pearls … modern” and “one copper egg decorated with enameled roses, modern.” Read more and see high resolution images of the Gatchina Palace Egg and the Rose Trellis Egg!

February 18: The Houston Museum of Natural Science - Fabergé: Imperial Jeweler to the Tsars - July 25, 2010 (extended). Nobel Ice Egg on view.

January 8: Blue Constellation Egg updated with background info from the Fersman Mineralogical Museum, Moscow website.

January 3: Caucacus Egg updated with some background info on the estate depicted on the Egg.

2010 January 1: Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year - Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!

"Discover the spectacular designs of Carl Fabergé, a master goldsmith and legendary jeweler who is still celebrated for his inventive design and meticulous craftsmanship. Perhaps best known for the Imperial Easter Eggs... Go behind-the-scenes with President and Curator of
Gems and Minerals Joel A. Bartsch

Read more and see a marvellous video of the Fabergé Empress Josephine Tiara! (The Houston Museum of Natural Science - Fabergé: Imperial Jeweler to the Tsars).


December 21: A Merry Christmas to Fabergé enthousiasts all over the world! Not much happening in the Egg world, so many new Egg-cards are added. Now Egg-cards for Christmas with Russian text are available too!

November 13: Nobel Ice Egg on display in Houston USA. See Exhibitions.

October 15: Yusupov Egg updated!

September 25: Introducing the website by Toby Faber, author of Faberge's Eggs: The Extraordinary Story of the Masterpieces That Outlived an Empire. Great background story on his experiences on writing the book in "Journalism". For those of you who are not familiar with his book, click the "Fabergé Eggs" tab!

September 10: Very special and unique: Sandoz Imperial Easter Eggs on view in Switzerland, Le Locle (Château des Monts). See Exhibitions for details!

September 10: "Fabergé launches first new jewellery collection since the Russian Revolution". Brandname owner Pallinghurst finally presents its Fabergé collection. For the official website, go to www.faberge.com.

August 31: New Photos in Forum! Moscow: Splendors of the Romanovs Monaco, Grimaldi Forum - Photos and copyright Stephan - Sweden (August 2009).

August 9: Exhibitons updated with folder Monaco event. Opening hours and days now available.

July 28: Exhibitions updated.

June 11: So happy to announce that The San Fransico Citizen gave me permission to post their magnificent photographs of the Fabergé Eggs exhibited in the exhibition Artistic Luxury: Faberge, Tiffany, Lalique, hosted at the Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. Those of you who could not visit Cleveland or San Francisco for this great exhibition can enjoy the Eggs now here!

June 9: Top Russian law office rehabilitates some of the members of Russia's imperial house of Romanov who fell victim to Bolshevik repressive rule. With movie and much more on the Romanovs: click here!

May 19: Faberge Eggs Exhibit In Moscow
More than 300 pieces created by the celebrated House of Faberge jewellery firm, including nine of its famous jewel encrusted eggs, are now exhibited at Moscow's Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts.
Read more in Exhibitions!

May 10: Fabergé Museum of Russian businessman Alexander Ivanov in Baden-Baden (Germany) opened May 9, 2009. The Fabergé Rothschild Egg is on view in the new museum. A video interview with images of the opening and a nice close-up of the Rothschild Egg can be seen here. (In German; Fabergé item starts after 19 seconds).

April 19: Blue Enamel Ribbed Egg and Blue Serpent Egg updated.

April 11: Happy Easter to you all! Христос воскресе! воистину воскресе!

April 8: Six "Vekselberg Eggs" will be in Monaco July 11 - September 13. See exhibitions.

April 2: Fabergé Museum in Baden-Baden? Read more!

March 31: New image added to the Pelican Egg, photograph of the backside of the miniatures.

March 21: Updated Fabergé on Stamps. Finlandia 1988 Agathon Fabergé stamps added.
For Easter, new EggCards!

March 18: For a good cause an only one time announcement of a talk on Fabergé Eggs!

On 28th April, Toby Faber will be giving a talk on the subject of his latest book... All profits will be donated to KINOE, a UK-based charity that raises money to support educational projects for children living in extreme poverty in India and Nepal. .... Read all!

March 15: Further evidence added to the 1896 Egg being the 12 Monogram Egg.

February 17, Forum "Yusupov Egg" updated.

February 6, Forum "Kremlin Egg" updated.

January 29: New Photo's in Forum; the Walters Museum of Art by Peter Koppers!

January 4: New Forum topic: "Your Photo's". Your photographs of Fabergé Eggs in museums and exhibitions.

January 1: Happy New Year!


December 28:
Fabergé Eggs Forum
The Fabergé Eggs Forum is alive. Now you can read about questions other visitors of this website asked, you can tell about yourself and your interest in Fabergé, and participate in discussions on the Egg Timeline. Read more ...

December 24: Happy Holidays to you all!

December 8: Fabergé in New Delhi, India. See Exhibitions.

December 5: The Fabergé Danish Palaces Egg - The Miniatures Explained. In November 2008 I discovered there was an error in my listing of the miniatures belonging to the 1890 Danish Palaces Egg. With help from Christian Steener Eriksen from Denmark, all miniatures are now listed anew, and what is more, we found the original image that probably was the model for one of the miniatures!

November 19: Due to new research, the Blue Serpent Clock Egg and the 12 Monogram Egg have got another place in the egg timeline. See the egg pages, and read all about this research on the Fabergé Research Site, Recent Discoveries!

November 17: The page of the 1888 Cherub with Chariot Egg is updated with new information, a drawing and an image!

November 11: Substantial update in progress. In a few days all must work fine again.

Blue Serpent Clock Egg

October 21: Video link added in Movies showing the Blue Serpent Clock Egg!

October 14, 2008: Today in New York, the Cleveland museum plans to announce that the Imperial Blue Serpent Egg, never before loaned to a museum exhibition, will be part of the exhibition "Artistic Luxury: Faberge, Tiffany, Lalique.''

The Faberge egg that was once a treasured possession of Princess Grace of Monaco will be one of the star attractions in a major exhibition opening Sunday at the Cleveland Museum of Art. (Link)

More on the Fabergé Blue Serpent Egg.

September: Exhibition News!

August 11: Changed and added text and image of the Pelican Egg.

June 28: "Art dealer finds his Faberge is a fake". High Court judge "Dr. Metzger Egg"ruled Fabergé Egg is a fake. The judge's comments came at the end of a long-running trial during which the owner of the socalled "Dr. Metzger Egg Clock", Mr Michel Kamidian, sought millions of pounds in compensation for the damage done to his treasure while it was being shipped to an exhibition in America in 2001. Article: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2205766/Art-dealer-finds-his-Faberge-is-a-fake.html.

May 24: As announced earlier (see news october 2007) the branch name Fabergé is since end 2007 owned by Fabergé Ltd. The company reports that as from next year they will issue a "Fabergé Egg" every year. As these eggs however, will not be made in St. Petersburg bij Karl Fabergé, you will not find them on this website. Interesting news however will appear in due course in "Fabergé in the 21st century".

May 18: Info added about the Kelch Bonbonnière Egg.

May 6: 1917 Blue Constellation Egg in Finland! See Exhibitions for details.

April 28: Image added of the Rosebud Egg top.

April 7: The World’s Biggest Easter Egg Hunt; News on the 1889 Nécessaire Egg!

March 8: In "Special Categories" added Fabergé Eggs with (Singing) Birds.

March 1: Eggs rearranged again and new categories added. See menu bar on the left.

February 19: Sitemap added.

February 18: The Eggs reorganised.

February 10: Catharina the Great Egg, picture added.

February 6: Valentine Egg-Cards added.

January 16: Blue Constellation Egg, addition; link to article about the discovery of the prototype for this Egg!

January 1: Happy New Year!

Old news (2006 - 2007)


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